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After being laid off from her teaching job in Boston, Brooke moves back home to live with her parents. In the shadow of the dying Occupy Movement, she is but one of the many overeducated and underemployed forced to make such a retreat. Disillusioned and weighed down by the daily monotony of working in her family’s restaurant, she struggles to find a way back to her independent, adult life.
When her estranged childhood friend Morgan pays an unexpected visit, old wounds are reopened and Brooke is forced to confront all the thwarted expectations she once had for herself.
Set in a winter on Cape Cod that’s both bleak and beautiful, “By Way of Home” is an intimate portrait of a generation interrupted, a story about family, friendship, love and the ever more elusive American dream.

Making of

“By Way of Home” was directed and shot by Isaak James over the course of twenty days.  With a crew of only three people, Eva James and Whitney Parshall (who also the lead actors) The film was shot on a borrowed 5D with a total budget of $1000.  With no lighting or sound department the film was shot exclusively with available light and sound was recorded using a multi-microphone system. Fittingly the film was shot at Isaak & Eva’s home on Cape Cod with their real parents playing the parents in the film. (See Panel Conversation at Provincetown Film Festival by Tim McCarthy at LipTV with Isaak James on how the film was made)


Director: Producer, Cinematographer, Sound Recordist: Isaak James

Producers: Isaak James, Eva James & Whitney Parshall

Cast: Whitney Parshall, Eva James, Alain Hasson, Beth Hasson & Isaak James

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The film is made by brother and sister team of Isaak & Eva James (Filmmaker Magazine) and Whitney Parshall.  This timely, intimate drama that deals with joblessness, the boomerang generation and student debt in the US.

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